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College volleyball dictionary: Glossary and terms, everything you need to know The Nebraska women's volleyball all-time lineup The Penn State women's volleyball all-time lineup

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Stay on top of volleyball terminology with Volleyball.Com. ACE. – A serve that is not passable and results immediately. in a point. ANTENNA. – The vertical rods (normally white and red) mounted near the edges of the net. The antennas are mounted. directly above the sidelines and are not-in-play.

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21 vs 15: To win a match, a team must win 2 out of 3 sets. Each set goes to 21 points, but you must win by 2 and there is no cap (we have had matches go 32-30). If each team wins one set, they enter the third set which only goes to 15 points (again, win by 2 with no cap).

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WPVA – Women’s Pro Beach Volleyball Association. YVL – Youth Volleyball League “0” Attack – Zero Attack – Also referred to as an AA – Attack Attempt. This is an attack that is kept in play and the rally continues. 3-Meter Line – This is the line that’s 3 meters from the center of the court, running parallel to the centerline. It is also called the attack line or the 10-foot line.

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Each set must be won by two points. The first team to win two sets is the winner of the match. Five-set matches are four sets to 25 points and a fifth set to 15 points. The team must win by two points unless tournament rules dictate otherwise. The first team to win three sets is the winner.

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General Volleyball Terms. We have organized these volleyball terms and descriptions for those of you who are interested in coaching volleyball. If you’re a new volleyball coach looking to expand your knowledge, this is one place to start.

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Guide of Basic Volleyball Terms. This is an alphabetical list, and it covers the basic terms that will come in handy at some point or the other during a volleyball match. ACE: A serve that no player of the opposition team touches before it hits the ground. It results in a point for the server.

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5-1: A type of rotation with five hitters and one setter. 5 Set: A set directed to the right front hitter, utilizing a back set. Also called a red set. 6-2: A type of rotation with six hitters and two setters. 6 Set: A common set outside near the antenna that the setter is facing.